A new temporary cultural space, that represents minorities and underrepresented music genres in the nightlife.


Document the Aarhus'es nightlife.

Feel it?

You have to enter the sphere of Klub22 in order to understand what is it about. Words can't really describe the energy that can be achieved in a place like this. That's why Mønes tries to be on top of the game and capture the essence of what people who curate that space are about.

By openly promoting a responsible and non-discriminating behaviour, we want to be an advocate for less discrimination in the nightlife.


What you cannot find in the nightlife in Aarhus is a place you come to party with others, and not next to each other. A club where you step into a stimulating curated experience, and where the drinking culture is challenged in favor of engaging and experimental experiences in the nightlife.

The essence of KLUB22 is to create quality content in the nightlife in Aarhus, by creating a new cultural space that is more inclusive and responsible without any discrimination.


Although Klub22 doesn't have a physical space, it still operates as a concept and a community of wonderful people. Paradoxaly, spreading this energy all over the city of Aarhus is even a stronger statement. Our eyes are focused on the klub spotlight and we can't wait to complete more projects together.

Stay tuned.

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