Intriguing Culinary Concept

ISTO Katowice

Visual presentation & storytelling that makes ISTO truly unique

New Chapter

I need to be completely honest with you here, gastronomy game in Poland is tremendous. And Mønes mission statement is to expose it. There is so much more to the restaurant presentation, than just product photos and the final dish.

The strength of the organisation lays within the team, quality of the products, chef's chemistry, interior design, the customers and the whole emotional experience they receive while dining in.

...and the ISTO restaurant, based in Katowice is a perfect example of this.

What was achieved so far?

The collaboration is established, we're at the beginning of a strong visual journey.


As with every gastronomy client, we're trying to look further. Series of movies pointing into the directions that go beyond the cooking itself. Showing what ITSO truly stands for, what brings the value to the place and how it distinguishes from the competition.

That's the next step.

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