Promotional Video Series

Aarhus Soup

Visualising various business ideas | community building


Aarhus Soup is a grassroots, crowdfunding initiative which brings together community-building, entrepreneurship and yes, a hearty bowl of soup, to bring creative ideas to the Aarhus collective.

*concept created by the C_CUBE project incubator

Collaboration outcome

Thanks to Mønes X C_CUBE collaboration, the concept of Aarhus Soup got expanded with the promotional video series. Each of the participants receives the opportunity to pitch the project on-set. Through the professional guidance & mentorship during the shoot, the idea gets visualised in brand new way.

1. Pre-production rider + interviews

2. Strategy and script planning

3. Pitch practice

4. 'Creation Hub' - ideas coming to live

Innovative & agile approach

Due to the fairly short notice from the project applicants, Mønes was striking for the optimisation of the production stages. Together with C_CUBE creative team, we managed to create a unique repetitive formula, where we trigger the emotional attachment to the dilemma tacked by the pitcher.

We don't want to answer - we prefer to highlight the crucial questions.

We believe this is the most iterative way to lay out the ground for a successful event pitch.


The concept of Aarhus Soup is a beginning of a tremendous international journey for the entrepreneurs from all around the world. The management team is currently working on the European expansion to France, Poland & Spain.

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